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Upcoming Workshops and Retreats


Do you wish to trust your intuition more, but you are not sure how?


When making decisions do you let your brain override your gut feelings, then regret it later?

Are you ready to explore the wisdom of your body through your senses?



Humans rely on their minds and speaking as primary ways of being in the world. Horses gather and sense information through their whole bodies, picking up energy from one another and other beings around them. As herd animals and highly vibrational, sensing beings, horses process all energy as information, without judgment or labeling.

Spending time in the presence of horses, by being mindful and present in the moment, can open your awareness and your information-gathering capacity in new and deeper ways. Your intuition may be strongest through sight, hearing, smell, feeling, or simply by just knowing something. Find a more integrated sense of yourself to access information, and become more whole, mindful, and as fully present as horses are.

Two Days with Horse Gives You:


  • Strengthened intuition and connection with your inner wisdom while in the presence of horse.


  • Awakened senses to renew your sense of self and vitality.


  • Drink in the beauty of Colorado while being quiet, centering and meditating with horses as you hear, know and own your truth.


  • Experience the intuitive nature of horse as they teach you how to be more “horse-like.” 


This workshop will teach you specific tools so you can access your own inner wisdom, any time and anywhere and especially in the presence of horses. Join me and my wise herd to practice being horse-like … being fully present, accessing your body awareness and being open to information that flows into your awareness through your senses. 

$450 includes spending 2 days in the presence of horses, personal 1 on 1 session with horse, additional sessions with horses, like minded individuals, handouts and tools to strengthen your intuition.

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Expand Your Intuition

Through the Wisdom of the Horse

  May 17-18, 2019

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