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Family and group activities throughout the day. All activities with horses will be on the ground – no horse experience needed.

Time provided to discuss how to take the days learnings into your “real” life


$487/family (1 adult and 1 child – for more than 1 adult or child, call or email to discuss)


Strengthening Family Bonds

A Parent/Child Day with Horses

August 29 


Lyons, Colorado

Issues with Screen Addiction?

Need time to connect as a family?

Want to increase your communication?


Come spend a day in nature and with horses to strengthen your family connection!

Connect with one another on a new level and in unique ways.

Increase self-confidence.

Deepen and enhance communication and problem-solving together.


Why Horses? Horses live in the present moment and are highly sensitive and responsive to everything around them. They teach us skills to be our best selves and become more attuned to our body sensations, emotions, and thoughts. These insights help us trust our inner knowing and communicate with others in clear ways.


Why Play/Be Outdoors?

Being outside in nature together…

          Generates renewal of body, mind, and spirit

          Fosters more connection to self and others

          Creates lifelong memories

Program Co-Sponsored with Wild Wisdom Therapy Roslynn Regnery

Register Soon - Each program limited to 3 family groups! **Physical Distancing and masks may be required.

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