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Saying Yes ... A Guest Post

Horse Meditation at Dancing Spirit Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching

Lyons, CO * 2-7-2021

I felt the call to return to the ranch for time spent meditating, practicing, learning, healing and interacting with the horses. Although I do no not know what is going to happen, I am assured, something significant will occur. And that is why I answer the call each time. I say “yes” despite the unknown. I keep practicing showing up. I keep getting on the bus despite its’ unknown destination. I can feel the healing beckoning me, awaiting me and I trust in it. I welcome it.

I know that Sweetie, the head mare, is going to have messages for me and work with me. I have a divine appointment with her before Jackie even asks which horse is calling me to work with. She emanates power, strength, confidence and fearlessness and I am not afraid of her and what she has to show me. I tell her how I’m feeling as I begin to groom her. I stand close to her and I feel safe. It’s almost like she’s protecting me. I know that if I am honest with myself and her and her how I’m feeling and ask her questions that she will respond.

In circle time doing the body scan before working with the horses, I am aware of the tightness in my gut, my power-center, and how much I am holding. I actively and consciously have to take efforts to release it, let it out and let it go. I am aware of the holding and the feeling is lack of safety and fear. You do not lie to the horses for they already know how you feel. It’s like me as am empath; I already know how one is feeling despite the words coming out of their mouth. Energy does not lie and I can read it a mile away. I am like a horse.

I am called to work with Sweetie because again I know she’s the largest most powerful mare, the leader, the confident strong leader and she reminds me of the truth about me. She reminds me that I am like her and have forgotten. She is here to help remind me of my own power. And, I don’t reject it, nor am I afraid because I trust her that she will help me and not harm me.

She begins by listening to me as I connect with her energetically and speak with her in my mind to her spirit. She hears me. She uses her head to begin tapping me in my gut, then below, starting at my feet, to my knees, my thighs, my stomach, my heart and then even to my throat. It was like she was aligning every chakra of my being. I began crying and Jackie asked how I was doing and I tell her I am ok and she clarifies that Sweetie is helping me by helping me release things. She releases too physically as she is being an alchemist. Jackie states she has never seen her do this much assistance energetically with a person ever and doesn’t usually assist this much with transmuting energy.

We then moved on to walking as Jackie suggested moving. As I hold the rope and begin walking, Sweetie immediately comes and walks beside me and “I am a confident leader” is what I hear. I also hear, “If you lead, they will follow”. We keep walking. Her head is down, ears up and we come to a stop. She begins hitting me again in the stomach with her head, making noises, chewing and releasing more. Jackie asks what I’m feeling. I feel confident when I walk Sweetie. I feel strong and not afraid. I feel lighter. I identify the feeling of frustration for lack of clarity of my next work and I also state I know and feel the time is soon for me to do what I’ll be doing. Sweetie affirms this by her behaviors and when I walk with Sweetie I am not afraid. I feel supported, I feel strong, I feel the strength of her around me and with me.

I thank her for our time together, for she has worked hard today and companioned me in ways I needed. She believes in me. She reminds me to believe in myself and my power. I thank her again and say goodbye. I thank Jackie for facilitating this as the coach. Jackie has always seen me and believed in me and my power. She was not afraid of me and trusted me to do what I know to do. The winds here today were strong, powerful and disturbing and even in these conditions we did this work. I got in my car and drove away. I immediately felt exhausted as I feel now as I write this.

I had my daughter and her boyfriend awaiting me at home due to the Super Bowl we made plans to share in. We watched the 55th Super Bowl together during a pandemic. Everything about it was different than ever before. These are different times and we are called to level up. I am being called to level up for something I do not know, but I am aware it’s coming. I’ve been in preparation for this the past few years as I’ve been healing on a deep level. And, although I am still not clear where I’m going, I do know I am a leader and meant for great things during these times as a light-worker and healer. I am restored with confidence, truth of my power, belief in my abilities and less fearful. I will keep getting on the bus and keep saying “yes” for that takes great courage to show up when the destination remains unknown. I am grateful and I am exhausted. I will be remembering this forever as these impressions and the healing that has occurred here runs deep.

With Gratitude and Love,

April Green

Certified Professional Coach

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