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Individual Sessions

Enjoy an intimate and personalized session with the horses & Jackie to take your life and heart to the next level of opening!

Your private and personalized session with a horse may focus on any of the following topics:

  • Boundaries Practice developing boundaries with horses so you can live a life based on your needs and free of other’s agendas, giving you back your valuable time and energy.

  • Communication Explore the nuances of communications as you work with a horse, giving you the confidence to express your needs and see the needs of others 

  • Self-Esteem Build healthy self-esteem, so you can step forward with strength, and create your dreams.

  • Spirituality Deepen your  spirituality, providing you a clear path to your purpose and passion.

  • Claiming your power  

  • Career change/struggles

  • Finding your voice

  • Connection ... with God, with source, with horse ... the possibilities are endless!

Group Sessions

The horses can help any kind of group work better together all while having fun with horses!

  • Your company or work group can focus on team building, enhancing communication or problem-solving

  • Couples can focus on deepening or strengthening your relationship

  • Great for church boards, non-profit groups, clergy groups too!

Horses Touching Seniors

for Healing

A life-enrichment activity for seniors living in Senior Living Communities.

Non-riding activities designed to support elders spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically!

Come to our facility or invite us to yours!

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