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Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

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Shine Your Light!

A 3-day Retreat with Horses

June 3-5, 2021


September 23-25, 2021

  • Are you ready to shine brightly in the world?

  • Do you feel constrained or that your light is dimmer than you want it to be?

  • Is it time to be rid of whatever keeps you small or hidden?

Are you living the life you want with your light shining as brightly as you want it to be? 

Maybe you are feeling hidden or maybe even like your light is snuffed out.

Or maybe you need a little boost so that your light shines brighter!

The world needs your light - and you need your light!

Come and spend 3 days with the horses to uncover what is keeping you from letting your light shine fully in the world. 

Receive tools to help you live with more ease, grace, and fun.

Be free to be who you are in the world!

Deepen your emotional awareness!

Gain more clarity about your purpose!

For those traveling to participate, a list of potential accommodations can be provided. 


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$587 for 3 days of activities with horses, connecting with like-minded people on their own journey

and rediscovering what makes you shine in the world!

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Let Your Light Shine!

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