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Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Where Horse and Human Spirit Meet ...

Horses have the unique ability to be present and honest in responding to situations and energy around them.  Joining with a horse touches your heart. Their gentle and curious nature guides you to access greater awareness, invites healing and renews your spirit.

If you find yourself with unanswered questions, a longing in your heart, or yearning for healing ... then allow the horses to help your spirit dance with joy, freedom, and possibilities. Book a session at our beautiful, peaceful mountain setting and have your life transformed!

This is a non-riding experience - all work is done on the ground and no horse experience is needed.

Phone/Zoom/Facetime Coaching Sessions

Sessions without the horses are 50 minutes in length and may include body awareness activities. Or take a chance and have a session with the horses (up to 2 hours). Designed to help you process and find your truth and some calm in these uncertain times.  Or maybe you are feeling a shift wanting to happen personally, spiritually or professionally and you’d like support to help you get moving and have some accountability.

A Testimony

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“A truly spiritual experience with practical application and wisdom I can apply”  Mary H.

"My time with Jackie was life altering. I thought I was going for my fear of horses and yet, what I experienced was beyond my own imagination. Jackie had a hands-on way of challenging me to look at myself and the world in a new way. Significant breakthrough in a safe environment. 

Witnessing the horse’s response helped me to promote greater self awareness and to be honest with my feelings. I was able to recognize my conscious and unconscious patterns of interacting with others. Horses do not speak, but they are excellent communicators. Holy cow are they ever!! Learning to understand horse behavior helped me to learn how others function in the world and the way my behavior impacts others.

Jackie guided me to face my fears and build confidence in my ability to overcome challenges. I have continued to carry the experience my developing a way to transfer my fears and anxiety into day to day lessons."  Stephanie B.

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