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Girls Empowerment Group with Horses

A 6 session Group Designed for Girls ages 11-13

New group starting soon!

Some of What We Will Learn and Practice

Confidence Building

Whether on the ground or in the saddle, it's important to be confident while working with a horse. We will practice and expand our  presence and confidence that translates to the real world too!

Leadership Skills

Horses need to know who the leader is and hopefully it's the human! We will practice and develop our leadership style and abilities to partner with horses and humans.


Establishing boundaries is essential for everyone's safety and ability to thrive. We will learn and practice ways to set appropriate physical, mental and emotional boundaries for ourselves.

Building Life Skills

Working with horses is fun and life changing, especially for girls trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. Horses are nonjudgmental who thrive in relationship with other beings and they have much to offer humans in our personal growth and development. We aim to create a safe, fun, supportive environment for girls to explore their gifts, skills, and nurture their love of horses!

In addition to what is mentioned above we will: 

  • have fun and play

  • learn horsemanship skills and how to apply them outside the horse pen

  • build new relationships with horses and humans

  • boost emotional awareness and intelligence

  • and more!


Most activities will be on the ground, but we will have some riding activities as well. 

Sessions will be held outdoors in our beautiful foothills setting in Lyons. 

Since this is a new-ish offering - participants enjoy a special introductory price of $390 for 6 two hour sessions!

Group size is limited to 6 girls so register today for this unique, fun, and life-enhancing program.

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