The Sacred Heart Space of Possibility with Horse

Saturday, December 28 1:00-3:00pm

In the sacred circle of the round pen, horse invites you to step into the mystery of what may be possible on your path. To be seen and held energetically by a horse allows you to experience genuine connection, heart-felt support, and a deeper level of personal awareness and emotional intelligence, leading you to your authentic self. 

Horses connect to and understand the members of their herd through sensing the energy (or what humans call emotion) that each herd member is expressing. Horses respond to the coherent heart space of others, as well as any incongruent expressions of energy. We too have this capacity; however, humans routinely ignore this special superpower.

During the Sacred Heart Space of Possibility with Horse, you will practice the art of being more “horse-like” during  reflective round pen sessions with a horse. Each participant will experience mind-body centering tools and heart-opening practices. Two participants will dive deeper during an individual coaching session with a horse.


Through exploring your inner landscape of sensations and feelings, you may discover what energetic patterns and habits are holding you back from your true self and purpose. You may also discover intuitive ways of knowing that have been there all along for you to access, opening you up as an acoustical, horse-like being.

You will also gain vital understanding about how you create heart coherence and manage your energy in relationship to others as you hold sacred space during multiple human-horse interactions. Experience each session through your own heart lens, thereby having multiple opportunities to embrace the horse as a teacher, guide, and mirror. Experience the power of Horse to move you to new levels of energetic and emotional awareness and understanding!

This is a great workshop to get a sense of what the work with Horse might look like for you. Some might say it is a demo session but everyone will receive tools and experience heart-opening sessions.

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